FAQ - Lo-Lamb Core Sliders

Is This Product Durable ?

Yes. Our Sliders are made of scratch-resistance ABS and high-quality fabric that won’t scratch your floor. Our sliders are both made to last and attractive.

Is This Product Easy To Use

It will all depend on your level of fitness.  Lo-Lamb Sliders have a large variety of exercises that allow the workouts to range from easy beginner level to difficult, advanced level. 

How Much Does The Lo-Lamb sliders weigh?

When you order a pair of Lo-Lamb Sliders a small travel bag will come with it. The total weight of the sliders in the bag is 6.4 ounces. 


Does The Product Have A Exercise Manual ?

Yes a Free workout sheet is provided, However we have multiple videos with tons of different varieties of exercise that can be done with the Lo-Lamb Core Sliders on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow us on Instagram @lolambco


Does the Lo-Lamb Sliders Work On Turf?

Yes the Sliders work on multiple surfaces, including turf fields.